How Internal Links Are Beneficial For SEO

One of the more often overlooked SEO techniques is that of internal links, but it is important to utilize this in the optimization of your website as it can really help to boost your page ranking. But what are internal links, and how are they helpful to an SEO strategy?

Basically, internal links are hyperlinks that direct visitors to the same domain as the one that the link exists on (you tell visitors on one page of your website to go to another section). But what exactly do internal links do for SEO?

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  • They can ensure that your website is completely searchable by search engine spiders
  • They can help to build the relevancy of a page for a keyword
  • They can help to increase the page rank of your internal pages

You have to, of course, set up your website properly for internal links to be useful for SEO. How would you do this?

  • Text navigation: having this on either the top of left hand side of the web page is highly useful for SEO, as this is what the search engine spiders index first.
  • Footers: also useful for SEO because the search engine spiders index these areas, it is important to keep your footers clean and minimal.
  • Inline text links: considered the most beneficial for SEO, these are links placed within the content of your website and imply to the search engine spiders that it is highly relevant.

Whilst external links are great for SEO, they are, generally, only effective in boosting the page rank of your home page and one or two of your other bigger pages. When it comes to applying an SEO strategy to the entirety of your website, you cannot go past the use of internal links.

How To Attract Higher Quality Web Design Clients

It has probably happened to most people working in the web design industry – they’ve had a client that has been completely unwilling to pay you enough for the work you are completing and nor do they appreciate it. These are known in the design industry as ‘low quality’ clients. So, how do you attract higher quality clients to your business?

Firstly, you should know what you’re worth. Look at the services that your web design business offers and come to a conclusion about what you would like to be paid for them. If your clients believe that you and your business are truly indispensable, they will be more willing to pay top dollar for your services.

Secondly, do not be at the beck and call of your clients. Whilst it is fine to be flexible when it comes to web design (in fact, you need to be flexible in many respects) this does not mean you need to bend over backwards for clients who are not willing to pay you for it. Make it clear that, if clients want changes to their design, that you are happy to do this but that an additional cost will be involved.

Thirdly, make sure that you are offering web design services that higher quality clients will really want. What options and features interest these people? It is a good idea to invest some time and money in some market research to find out what type of services attract the clients you are after – it could be the difference between you landing a client and losing one.

Most web designers find that, by adopting the above standpoints, the clients their business begins attracting are willing to pay more and will appreciate the services and work you offer.

Essential qualities of good web developers

Web development involves the right balance of creativity and technicalities. Balancing the equilibrium of these two factors is only possible if a web developer is skilled and has the experience to handle projects. However, these are not the only essential qualities required to be a good web developers, there are many others. Let us discovers them.

Understanding the project: It is highly important for web developers to understand and the core requirement of a project, including inputs, outputs and the deliverables. Else it is almost impossible to achieve accuracy and on time delivery of a work.

Being futuristic: A good web developer always thinks of future. It is necessary because there is always a possibility of future modification, updates and growth in a website. Hence, a website must be designed with a plan that if any changes have to be applied, there is enough space for that.

Staying updated: In a technical field, regular introduction of new techniques and ideas are always expected. Sticking with the same old pattern of working will do nothing but will keep you behind. Good web developers always stay informed about the changes going in the related industry, what technology has been abandoned and what are the latest technologies.

Be smart: If there is a project for multiple websites or you are planning to use the same code in next many website designs then it would be better to create a single code and adapt it for others. This will save time and effort.

Analyzing last project: A good web developer always analyzes his last project and tries to find a way out for what didn’t worked in last project and what he could have done better. This help web developers maintain the project and make easier way for future projects.