The Best Way To Expand Your Business Globally

These days the success of your online business largely depends on the effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and policies. SEO policies play a key role in successful promotion of your website which is must for the expansion of your online business. A successful website reaches out to number of people all over the world thereby generating new visitors and clients for your business.

  • SEO professionals work towards improving your website listing in the popular search engines as a result expanding its presence in the Internet. Their policies include generating links for increasing traffic and ranking your websites higher in search engines. Top listed websites generates more business by frequent clicks and visitors as compared to low ranked sites.
  • SEO constitutes an indispensable part of online marketing. In today’s world, internet supports a huge amount of business network and hence the corporate houses are earning a lot through online marketing.
  • Therefore, because of number of valuable advantages of SEO services, they are an integral part of online businesses. Hence SEO services are must for each and every business as they destined to cover a wide area of internet marketing so to expand your web presence by promoting your website globally.

The professional team of search engine optimization is committed to provide reliable and attractive web services in order to promote your business by improving your online presence. They apply and follows innovative and updated research based policies and strategies in each of their respective field. By understanding all your business requirements, SEO professionals work towards promoting your website in an effective and efficient way.

What You Need to Know About Panda Update?

Finally, Google announced a new Panda update adding it to the tally of total 24 Panda updates. The official announcement of 24th Panda update was made on January 22, 2013. A total of 1.2% of English Queries were affected, confirmed and announce by this update. The last update was made on January 21, 2012 which impacted 1.3% of English queries as compared to 0.8% of queries on November 21, 2012.


  • It all started in January, 2011 when Google started taking notes of top listed sites with low quality content. Later on, the first Panda update was officially announced on February 24, 2011 which affected about 12% of US results. Since then, continuous updates were performed by Google in order to lower the rank of lower quality sites and return the high quality sites in Google search engine.
  • After the first Panda update, there was a considerable growth in the ranking of new websites and a downfall in the ranking of websites with large amounts of advertising. This new change made by Google went global in April, 2011 has affected number of websites till now. Google keeps on changing its algorithm on regular basis as a result there were number of complaints  regarding scrapers who are getting better ranking than the sites with original content.

The Panda algorithm of Google uses artificial intelligence to trace low quality websites which are ranked higher in the search engines. This algorithm is specially designed to find similarities between high and low quality websites. However, Google has listed certain norms and guidelines for achieving a good quality site which must be followed in order to get away with the Panda updates.

How To Manage An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is actually a very powerful tool when it comes to furthering your business in this day and age. It does, however, raise a number of questions regarding how these sorts of campaigns are undertaken – do you need to spend thousands of dollars constructing mailing lists or can you do it organically; which techniques work and which don’t?

  • Get permission: Your email marketing campaign must comply with privacy laws. This means that you must ask permission to use someone’s email address otherwise you might find yourself penalized or blacklisted.
  • Target audience: You must make sure that each message you send out is targeted towards your audience. If you are a web design company, for example, try to offer tips regarding website upkeep.
  • Keep clean. Only work with the cleanest permission-based list that you can find. If you don’t want to spend the time crafting your own, join a (legal) company that will allow you to send information to their lists.
  • Be persistent: Keep in mind that it takes time to build up customer relationships; sending one or two emails isn’t going to cut it. Make sure that your mail is a regular thing (once a week or month).

This final email marketing tip should actually be more common sense than anything else – make sure that you keep mail short and sweet. For most people, a simple newsletter that contains at least one non-sales article (providing that it says something valuable for recipients) will be sufficient. Don’t send pages and pages of information, as no one will read it.


The Best Emulators For Testing Your Mobile Web Design

Every day, the number of people accessing the internet via their smart phones and other mobile devices (such as I Pads and tablets) is growing. Many believe that it won’t be long before this is the norm in terms of surfing the net, leaving desktop computers and even laptops far behind. Because of this, it is important that all companies focus on mobile web design.

Whilst it is possible to create a website specifically for mobile devices, it is also possible to make a single site (known as a responsive one) that can be accessed appropriately on all devices. Simply creating a design that can be viewed on a smart phone is not enough, however; you need to test the site out and make sure that it works on these smaller devices and platforms.

This can be achieved with the assistance of mobile emulators, which allow you to check the site’s responsiveness and functionality across a variety of platforms. Some of the better emulators out there include: ‘Mobi Ready’ (which also allows you to check dot Mobi compliance); ‘Screen fly’ (which covers a variety of platforms); and ‘Responsive’ (which allows you to check responsiveness).

The other great thing about using an emulator to test your mobile website design rather than the devices themselves is that they provide you with free feedback regarding the functionality and responsiveness of your site. They also ensure that you can test the design on all platforms and devices without having to actually go out and buy them, which will save you money.


A Guide To Dealing With Graphic Design Payment Issues

When clients are late in making payments or simply choose not to pay at all, those who work in graphic design (and put all of their creativity into every project) often become jaded with the industry. If you are experiencing payment issues, use the following tips to help you ensure that you get paid without damaging your reputation:

  • Speak with the client about the issue; having a face-to-face meeting is preferable, but over the phone may have to do. Explain your point of view, then let the client explain theirs. More often than not, the issue is a result of miss communication.
  • Send a number of ‘payment due’ notices, often a week or so apart, so that there is a paper trail of your requests for payment. Finally, send a late notice and inform the client that if they do not pay within a certain time frame you will be sending the issue to credit bureau.
  • Keep hold of the graphic design work until the issue is resolved. Even if the client has samples or drafts of the finished product, if you still hold the original files you are still technically the owner of the work. Make sure that samples and drafts are watermarked.

The moment that a dispute arises over a graphic design payment, you should pull out the original contract that the client signed and look at the original price that was agreed upon (as well as additional costs due to changes), the payment structure and clauses that state what to do in the event of late or nonpayment. If you bring these to the attention of the client, they should be willing to pay.