Watch out for the new enhanced campaigns of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an extremely valuable and a popular marketing tool. Because of its number of valuable advantages, Google AdWords has now become an indispensable part of the Advertisers & SEO experts. Initially this tool was started for the advertisers but as the internet market expanded, it becomes a reliable marketing tool for the SEO experts. Recently, Google upgraded the Adwords which now allows the advertisers and SEO experts to target the global market more effectively and smartly with certain ad based contents like date, time, place etc. For enhanced marketing campaigns, Google AdWords has been upgraded with new bidding tools and mobile bid settings. With upgraded and modified settings, a new bid adjustment calculator has been designed which shows users the final bid adjustment.


There is also a Campaign Setting tab which allows the Bid adjustments for mobile, day, time of day and location. The new bid adjustment calculator suggests you the implications of applying multiple bids adjustments. One of the main feature of Google AdWords enhance campaign is the campaign and budget management. Campaign level bid adjustment can be found on top of the ad group bids in the campaign setting tabs. An advertiser can use bid adjustment for day, place and time of the day. The add group level targeting method can be set from -90% to +900% and for Mobile devices, the bid increases by 10%.


The Ads based on context is other important feature of Google AdWords enhanced campaign. This feature allows the advertiser to differentiate Mobile preferred creative which is basically a type of ad selection in Adwords. The other important feature is of conversion type which allows the AdWords to show you the estimated change in impressions, clicks and cost when you convert an existing campaign to enhance. This estimate is based on how advertisers with similar keywords in their accounts bid on mobile compared to other devices. These new added features have made it easier for the advertisers and SEO experts to see the full value of their campaign from various new platforms.

Now search more accurate results with Bing’s new Auto suggest feature

The addition of Auto Suggest in popular search engines has got a mixed response from all over the world. While typing in the search engines, Auto Suggest quickly helps you in finding the relevant information closely relating to the typed words. The Auto Search feature is designed to make your search simpler, quicker and easier than before. Let us say, for example- if you type “Australia is” in the search engine, then you will get all the relevant search queries related to the country Australia.


Bing is among the popular search engines of the world (second most popular in US, after Google). The team at Bing was continuously working on the ways to improve the search engine experience. According to Bing, the auto-suggest feature of their search engine is now more accurate and faster than before. Bing has worked hard on the search history used within auto suggest and the navigational queries to improve the users searching experience. Overall, Bing has made the auto suggest feature a lot more accurate and faster to search queries. This autosuggest feature confidently displays exactly what you were looking for. Almost all the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari, behave in a similar way when you type a query in the URL address bar as they try their best to match up with the exactly searched query.

Bing has used a special technique of Auto suggest Ghosting to refine and speed up the searches. According to Bing, their new auto-suggest feature has speed up the user searches by over 16%. Autosuggest algorithms are specially designed to determine the most preferred suggestion with certain degrees of confidence which has led to the improvement in navigation and search history. This new feature of Autosuggest Ghosting, released by Bing has been welcomed by people and is already gaining popularity all over the world. Try it, if in-case you haven’t experienced the new auto suggest ghosting feature.

Google emerged as a clear leader in the Internet Search Market

Google is undoubtedly the most used and the most successful search engine of the internet domain. Google is widely used all over the world and has always been the first choice of people when it comes to searching information on the internet. The fact that- for two of the past three months, Google has owned 67 percent of the U.S. search market, clearly justifies the Google dominance over the internet domain. This makes Google the most popular and the most used search engine globally. It was reported that Baidu is the second most successful search engine followed by Yahoo and Yandex respectively. Yadex recently overtook Bing to become the fourth most used search engine.

Search Engine Popularity

In November 2012, for the first time ever Google touched the exceptional search market share of 67 percent. Though the search market shares dropped slightly to 66.7 percent in December but then again it bounced back to 67 percent in January. Till date, Google has not faced any stiff competition from its rivals which includes Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing. Regardless of various TV promotional campaigns of Bing (Google’s closest U.S. rival), it has not maintained a steady growth in the internet search domain. Though Bing reached a new milestone of reaching 16.5 percent of US internet search market but it is still far behind then the popular search engine Google.

The other popular search engine- Yahoo also witnessed a downfall from 12.2 percent in December to 12.1 percent in January. The Microsoft-Yahoo search deal has not been fruitful especially for yahoo as the shares of yahoo went down in January. The Yahoo’s search market share stood at 14.1 percent in January 2012. Overall, Google is truly one of the most reliable and the most popular Search Engine worldwide.