Google Now may soon be added to Google’s homepage

Well Google has some great minds working with them. The team at Google is reportedly working on bringing its personalized homepage feature of its Android phones to the web and to its search page according to Google news website, Google System. Google System also reported that, there is evidence that Google has live code suggesting it could bring Google Now features to a landing page. It wouldn’t just be a homepage, but rather a Google search page with all of the contextual functionality that Android users have with the Google Now application and widgets.

The code also contains an introduction to Google Now: “Get started with Google Now. Just the right information at just the right time.” Google Now debuted last year as a personal assistant that also offered predictive search in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean There are many benefits of the upcoming new feature of Google Now such as , Now available on the web will add another source from which Google can gather data to improve and iterate upon the services Now offers.

Having direct access to desktop search information will make for better recommendations in theory, and provide a more complete picture of who a person is and how they typically spend their days. Google Now is also getting better at tracking online purchases and ecommerce, and since the majority of that activity still takes place in the desktop, this will help with those efforts, too.

Google sets big investment of $390 mn in a data center in Belgium

The biggest Internet search domain Google Inc. is all set to invest $390 million ( 300 million euros) in expanding its Belgium data center. Google Inc. said Wednesday it will upgrade the facility in Belgium to meet growing demand for its online services.

Google's Data Center in Belgium

Google’s significant investment says that Belgium is a key business destination, including for new technologies, said Elio Di Rupo, Belgian Prime Minister. “Although we’re going through difficult economic times, we keep attracting major investments from international companies.”

Google says the center currently has some 120 employees using around 50% less energy than typical data centers and is one of the most energy-efficient facilities of its kind.

“Belgium enjoys a unique position in the heart of Europe, well-developed infrastructure and a high-quality and productive workforce,” Mr. Di Rupo added. He’ll hope, with growth forecast to stagnate and the European Commission breathing down his bow-tied neck,  that the good luck continues.

The information underpinning Google’s services _ Internet search requests, Gmail or YouTube _ is processed in industrial-scale data centers such as the Belgian plant in St. Ghislain southwest of Brussels. The company, based in Mountain View, California operates other data centers catering for the European market in Ireland and Finland.

A closer look at the working of white hat and black hat SEO

SEO has completely revolutionized the Internet Marketing Domain and has become an indispensable part of online businesses. Business owners all around the world are hiring SEO services for better results, improved ranking and for good web presence. SEO is a broad field which is mainly categorized in to two parts- Black Hats and White Hats. Both these methods of SEO are widely practiced all over the world however it is important for you to select the right method for better results of your business.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

Black Hat technique violates Google’s rule to improve your web presence. Black Hat is therefore regarded as an illegal way of improving your web presence, website ranking and other such results. On the other hand, White Hat technique is a much legal and safe way of SEO process. White Hat technique works in a well organized and systematic way by strictly following then Google’s norms and regulations.

Black Hat technique follows unethical SEO methods and low value tactics by cheating the system and harming the search quality. Low-value tactics tend to fade quickly. As Google gets more aggressive, low-value tactics are also getting riskier. These low value tactics of cheating the system does not proves handy in the long run. Once they fail, and they usually do, you have to start over and chase some new low-value tactic.

Whereas, White Hat technique focuses on relevancy and true SEO practices by completely following SEO rules and policies. White Hat technique includes using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to improve link popularity and other legal practices. White Hat SEO is extremely popular among businesses who believe in making long term investment in their website. White Hat SEO is therefore regarded as Ethical SEO.