Got A Small Business? A Beginner’s Guide To Social Media

If you own a small business, we are sure that you have already realised that traditional marketing can be a real drain on your funds. If you are looking for ways to connect with a wider audience, we think that social media marketing could be just the solution! We have shared seven steps that you should take to ensure that your social media strategy works for you.


  1. Do your homework
    Social media is all about connecting with your audience on a genuine level, so you should start by defining your audience. Determine three main marketing messages that you want to convey to your audience.
  2. Coordinate your channels
    Treating each social media platform as a stand-alone campaign will limit your success. Prominently display your social icons in the header or sidebar of your website, integrate live feeds and include share buttons.
  3. Always start small
    Whilst you might be excited to jump right in, social media takes time and energy. Start small and with a manageable load – start with one or two platforms and dedicate a block of time each day to work on your strategy.
  4. Listen and share
    Be sure to respond to comments, mentions and feedback – even if they’re negative. To avoid getting bogged down, file away content that you think will be interesting to share so it is easy to find at a later date.


  5. Create daily plans
    Make a list of the activities you plan to do each day – comment on and/or link content on three Facebook pages, tweet and re-tweet three to five times per day, and join groups to target specific demographics.


  6. Boost with advertising
    If you want to accelerate your social media performance, it’s worth looking into paid advertising options. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer paid or sponsored advertising options to get your brand out there.
  7. Lather, rinse, repeat!
    This last step is actually the most important – make sure you measure and analyse your results. Google Analytics is a great for this, and make sure you regularly take a step back to assess how things are working.

Whilst using social media in the promotion of your startup or small business is certainly going to be beneficial, it is important to think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint. It’s going to take time to set up your campaign and then to see results, but if you are organised and persistent you will start reaping the benefits very shortly. We wish you luck in your social media endeavours!

Facebook Launch ‘Paper’, Their Newest Reader App

On the 30th of January, Facebook announced that a new standalone news reader mobile app, known as ‘Paper’, would be released in the near future. Whilst it has apparently been in the works for years, the announcement came only 24 hours after Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s famous CEO, revealed that they would be releasing more standalone apps this year.

What is it?
Paper will display content from 19 different ‘sections’ (such as sports, tech, pop culture and LOL), which users can choose to subscribe to. Each of these sections features a rotating carousel of images along the top with individual cards and stories below; a user can click on cards or stories that they wish to investigate further. For now, these sections cannot be personalised.

Users will also be given the opportunity to share their own stories on Paper, with anything posted also appearing on their Facebook Newsfeed. The app enables a user to preview what their posts will look like before sharing, ensuring that they are fully satisfied with the appearance. Users will also be able to share, ‘like’ and comment on stories, the same as with traditional Facebook.

Paper’s creation
It has been revealed that Paper was created by a 15-person team employed by Facebook Creative Labs. This is a broader initiative of the social network whose sole job it is to work on these standalone apps. It has also been announced that Paper sans advertisements, even though Facebook itself has seen quite a lot of success through mobile ads (53% of their revenue last quarter).

According to reports, Paper will be officially launched on the US App Store on Monday the 3rd of February. It will only be available to iPhone users in the beginning and there are not, as of yet, any indications of when an Android or iPad version of the app will become available. Whilst many have argued that Paper could spell the death of Facebook’s traditional app, only time will tell.

How To Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

These days, the interest in social media is continuing to grow at exponential rates and it is important that your business is taking advantage of this by making brand-oriented accounts on some of the more popular platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. To help you out, here are some tips that you can use to make your website social media friendly:

Social media Marketing News

  • Killer Content
    Have you ever heard the saying ‘content is king’? Whilst this is true of anything that you upload to the internet, it is especially true of social media, as you need to stand out from the crowd. Ordinary content won’t cut it anymore because there is simply too much out there.
  • Social Buttons
    Users expect convenience when they browse the web; they want to be able to share things they like or find interesting through their social media channels as easily as possible. This is why your website should include buttons (such as ‘like’ and ‘tweet’) to streamline this.
  • Social Content
    Whilst social media platforms are built with the intention of connecting people, you can actually take a similar approach with your website. Why not incorporate a blog section where users can post comments? Or post your advertising material on Facebook to see the reaction?
  • Titles & Images
    You need titles that are eye-catching and straight to the point, otherwise users won’t read your content (no matter how interesting or relevant). You also need images that explain the main points of your content in the same kind of tone that you have written in.

Whilst a website does provide you with a foundation for establishing a successful online presence, social media will provide you with an avenue for even wider coverage and more opportunities to connect with your customers. By using the above tips, you can effectively integrate social media with your website and will, hopefully, start to see it working for you soon.