Is Stealing Necessary For Great Web Development?

There is a saying in the web development industry that goes something along the lines of: “Good developers copy. Great ones steal.” This suggests that a lot of people believe that there is nothing unique left to be created. Does this imply, then, that ‘stealing’ code is acceptable? Perhaps not, as you can see from the other two types of developer out there:Web Development Ideas

  • Web development copiers
    Often, the copiers are seen as being at the bottom of the development pyramid – they are the novices who haven’t yet come up with any of their own useful code yet. There is nothing wrong with doing this – it’s a great way to learn what different pieces of code does to the website as a whole, until you get to a point where you can do this without copying.
  • Web development stealers
    This generally occurs after a developer has copied another’s code and begun to understand how it works – they realize that coming up with something similar (on their own) is much harder then it looks. These people then begin to steal their code, carefully concealing their sources so that no one can trace their deception.
  • Web development strugglers
    These are the developers who try their hardest to avoid copying and stealing other’s work. They are aware of the fact that it is near impossible to create anything unique in this day and age, but they try to do so regardless. These people instead try to draw inspiration from other areas of life.

Seeing as there are 3 kinds of people in the web development industry, it does seem to suggest that stealing is not the only way to come up with great code and websites. It should be the strugglers, then, that are considered as the truly great developers, the copiers the good ones, and the stealers the bad ones.

Web Development And The Pseudo-Flash Site

As anyone working in the web development industry will be able to tell you, working with Flash is the bane of the internet user’s existence. Whilst Flash can make for highly attractive websites that users are instantly attracted to and want to engage in, they can wreak havoc with a site’s usability and search engine spider readability. So, what is a pseudo-Flash website and why is it so great for developers?

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Basically, a pseudo-Flash website is one that has the appearance, feel and characteristics of a Flash website but has instead been built using those friends of web development, HTML and CSS. There are 2 main reasons for this shift from the attractive world of Flash to the equally attractive world of pseudo-Flash:

  • Technicalities – it makes search engine optimization (SEO), content management systems (CMS) and device support much easier to achieve.
  • Language – web development in the languages of HTML and CSS is much easier to work with.

One of the great things for internet users is that, with pseudo-Flash sites on the rise, there are a number of Flash attributes that are becoming much harder for web developers to implement. One of these is background music – no longer will users have to search the page for the pause or mute button, as music will actually rarely feature on a site.

As with any web development trend, caution must be exercised when it comes time to approach a pseudo-Flash website. For example, ensure that you use self-control; just because your developer can do amazing things with page scrolling and animation doesn’t mean that they should. Instead, consider the audience and user-experience, and you will find your website works much better.

Essential qualities of good web developers

Web development involves the right balance of creativity and technicalities. Balancing the equilibrium of these two factors is only possible if a web developer is skilled and has the experience to handle projects. However, these are not the only essential qualities required to be a good web developers, there are many others. Let us discovers them.

Understanding the project: It is highly important for web developers to understand and the core requirement of a project, including inputs, outputs and the deliverables. Else it is almost impossible to achieve accuracy and on time delivery of a work.

Being futuristic: A good web developer always thinks of future. It is necessary because there is always a possibility of future modification, updates and growth in a website. Hence, a website must be designed with a plan that if any changes have to be applied, there is enough space for that.

Staying updated: In a technical field, regular introduction of new techniques and ideas are always expected. Sticking with the same old pattern of working will do nothing but will keep you behind. Good web developers always stay informed about the changes going in the related industry, what technology has been abandoned and what are the latest technologies.

Be smart: If there is a project for multiple websites or you are planning to use the same code in next many website designs then it would be better to create a single code and adapt it for others. This will save time and effort.

Analyzing last project: A good web developer always analyzes his last project and tries to find a way out for what didn’t worked in last project and what he could have done better. This help web developers maintain the project and make easier way for future projects.

Website design Melbourne – Create an impression Online

With millions of people surfing online on daily basis to meet their different needs, there is no point thinking that a website design does not matter. Whether you are situated in India, Melbourne, Brazil or elsewhere in this world, website provides the shortest distance to travel and meet the perspective customers. Further, an online presence strengthen such possibilities, irrespective of the fact whether your business is small and run by 2-3 employees or you have a large company consisting 1000s of employees. Here, the only requirement is to have a professional website design, instead of a cluster of flashy images and improper text. The aim should be to display the business information in a manner which combat the online competition and attract maximum number of prospective customers. The good design always takes care of certain features like:Web Design

1.Background color : Background color should not create a problem reading the online text.
2. Links : Links should guide and land onto the proper place
3. Graphics: Graphics need to be matched with the text and should be used as less as possible.
4. Tables: Use of tables with extra large borders should be avoided.
5. Animations: Avoid blinking, incomplete and multiple animations as they create a bad impression of the site.
6. Navigations: Navigation should be consistent throughout the site. Visitors should know where they exactly are on a page.

Besides the above mentioned features, the text’s font, size, and color also determine the response of readers. A properly written headline and nicely adjusted paragraphs send a clear message about the business and services. We have defined just the basics. There are multiple other things which impact the impression of site.