05 Feb 2015

5 Templates For HTML5 That Every Designer Needs To Know

There are a number of reasons why a web designer would want to use an HTML5 template, the key one being that they need a little assistance in kickstarting a project. If you have never used a template before, you might be unaware of how to find a good one. We have shared 5 of the best template providers that will have you designing for HTML5 in no time.

  1. FlexApp
    This is a mobile-first template that has been designed to deliver premium experiences on mobile devices. The provider also offers support for tablets and desktops, allowing you to ensure that the website looks great on all platforms. One of the main reasons this provider is so popular is that it forces you to think about what content is important.


  2. HTML5 UP
    The increase in better platforms and devices has meant a greater need for crosstesting. This has resulted in a flow of fully responsive, fail-proof HTML5 templates that require little to no coding. HTML5 UP is perfect for designers who are short of time or are after high quality results but actually have very little knowledge of front-end code.


  3. Initializr
    This provider is a little different to the others in that it allows you to select a base template, then allows you to select other features that you would like to include (such as Google Analytics, Robots.txt and .htaccess configurations). It also offers support for HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap, which is good to note.


  4. Templated.Co
    This provider actually offers a pretty impressive collection of over 800 responsive HTML5 templates, which are ready for designers to implement in their projects. The website also offers a good variety of designs that are ready to download in a single client, which is perfect if your skills in the field are practically nonexistent.
  5. W3 Layouts
    This provider offers plenty of great templates that are sure to give your website a good responsive starting point. To make your life easier, all of the designs have been split into categories so that you can browse how you like. The designs have also been optimised for both mobile and desktop browsing for your convenience.



Regardless of the reason you are looking for an HTML5 template, we hope that the above list of providers helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for. These templates are suitable for both web designers with little code knowledge and the general public who would like to tackle website projects on their own. Happy browsing and good luck with your endeavour!