19 Apr 2018

6 Points To Consider Before Choosing A Web Developer

Taking your time in choosing a web developer is crucial, as you’re literally entrusting them with your business and its online reputation. Making the wrong choice could lead to a disastrous website experience that turns potential clients and customers away. In the list below, we have outlined 6 of the main points that you should consider when choosing a developer:


choosing a best web developer


1. How do they price their services?

Remember that you are buying a professional service to help you plan, develop and manage your project. Ask the following questions – what are the qualifications of the team who will be working on the project, how will the project be charged (on an hourly basis or flat price), how much time will be spent on the project, and so on?

2. What is their track record?

You need to understand how reliable the web developer that you are hiring in. What sorts of clients have they worked with in the past, do they have hard facts and figures to prove their results, what kinds of results have they been able to deliver their clients, how do they retain their clients and do they have an extended working relationship?

3. How are results measured?

A website is an important tool that helps businesses to foster growth and boost their brand image. It is essential that your chosen developer helps you to increase the market value of your business. How do they measure results (in terms of keyword rankings, traffic and bounce rate), are the results verified by clients, and so on?

4. How do they operate?

Before partnering with a developer, ensure that you have knowledge about their operation and the people who’ll be responsible for your project. Do they have a robust team that will handle every aspect of the project, do they have clear-cut policies for its successful completion, and does the team appear to be passionate and skilled?

5. What is their execution process?

From employing the best team to following coding standards, ensure that all of the web developer’s promises are put in writing. Does the agreement stipulate that the work will be customised to your requirements, how will ownership of the project be determined, and does the agreement state all coding will be executed according to standards?

6.What is the structure of the company?

If the overall strength of the team is small, you run the risk of unexpected delays in execution, lack of technical proficiency or issues in the desired experience. On the other hand, if the team is too large, you run the risk of receiving less personal interaction or of getting lost amongst the myriad other clients that they’re working for.

Whilst there is certainly a wealth of other things that should be considered when choosing a web developer in melbourne for your project, we have found that the 6 we’ve outlined above tend to be the most important – as well as the most overlooked. At the end of the day, it’s best to go with your gut instincts – if you have a bad feeling about a particular developer, continue looking.