18 Apr 2012

Are You Focusing Too Much On The Web Design Of Your Home Page?

Many people look at the home page of their website and decide that it is the most important section, therefore, will frequently ask for the web design, content and layout to be altered – but is this how you should be spending your money (and using your designer’s valuable time)? Ask yourself a question – how long ago was the content, layout and web design of the other pages of your website updated or maintained? Can’t remember? Looks like you’re giving your home page too much importance.


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Instead of looking at your home page as the be all and end all of your website, try looking at it like it’s a hotel lobby – when visitors arrive at your “hotel” they should find that the “lobby” presents the space in a good light (by having an attractive, spacious, elegantly lit and welcoming web design). They should also find that the “lobby” is easy to navigate – they should be able to see where the front desk and where the lifts are, for example.

But, how is a hotel ultimately judged? Generally, on the quality of their guest rooms. It is the same for a website. Visitors will judge the quality of a website based on the content and web design of its ‘rooms’ (other pages). The home page becomes, then, an area that visitors pass through in order to get to where they want to go.

It is for this reason that the time spent updating, enhancing and creating a web design for a home page should reflect this view – visitors will simply pass through, not stay there for a substantial length of time. How much time do you focus on your home page? Do you think that this correlates to the importance the page should be given in your website as a whole?