19 Nov 2012

Can You Build A Website That Incorporates Both SEO And Flash?

seo and flash website incorporation


It is common knowledge that Flash-based websites and search engine optimisation (SEO) aren’t exactly a match made in heaven; search engines have extreme difficulty accessing information that is contained in Flash, often making for websites that rank fairly poorly. By using the following SEO techniques, however, you might be able to help a Flash-based site rank a little better:

  • Create a detailed sitemap of your website. A sitemap is basically an XML file that provides search engines with a list of all the pages contained within a single website. This gives the spiders something to index.
  • Include descriptive page titles and metadata tags, as you would with any SEO strategy. Make sure that your tags include keywords relevant to the page and your website as a whole.
  • Utilize a Javascript library known as SWFObject, which allows designers to insert HTML code behind the Flash portions of a website. This gives the spiders something to index without being unethical.
  • Implement a deep linking strategy that aims to get other websites to link back to yours. This is a hugely useful SEO strategy that could benefit Flash-based and HTML websites alike.

The above tips only scrape the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the SEO techniques and strategies that can be used in conjunction with a Flash-based website. It is important to keep in mind, however, that all the SEO in the world will not make a Flash website rank better than a HTML one; Flash was just not made to be optimised.