12 Nov 2012

Can Your Mobile Web Design Be Optimized?

mobile web design optimization


In short, the answer is yes. With more and more users turning to the mobile realm, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to optimize their websites for this use. These days, users are surfing the net whilst commuting to work or waiting in line – mobile web design needs to take these considerations into account to ensure that their needs are met.

  • On pages that can be viewed on mobile devices, make sure that you remove any unnecessary information (tell users that they can access further information on the desktop version of the site).
  • Include categories and content that is specific for mobile users. Whilst desktop users might want to know movie sessions a week in advance, those on the go will want to know what’s showing now.
  • Try to remove as much advertising as possible; ads take up a lot of space, which can block information that your users want to see and force them to scroll (which they often hate doing).
  • Avoid the use of scripts and other fancy functionalities that may not work on every single mobile device. This will prevent your site from alienating users (and potential customers).
  • Try to write in brief sentences instead of paragraphs, as these can be difficult to read. Users also want the bare minimum information right at their fingertips.

By ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile devices, you can ensure that your business is always accessible by your customers, regardless of whether they are at home or on the go. Your mobile web design should focus on helping them to find the information they want in as short a time as possible; your success will be all the proof you need.