09 Apr 2012

Creating Web Design For A Target Audience

When it comes to creating an effective and functional web design for your clients, the most important thing to take into account is the target audience that you are creating it for. Follow these steps to help determine who the target audience of your next project is, and ensure that you design appropriately.

  • Who?
    The first thing that you must figure out as a part of your web design process is who your target audience is – how old are they, what music do they listen to, what products do they buy, and so on? This will give you a much better idea of who you are designing for.
  • Research
    The second part of determining the target audience for your web design project is to do some research into the kind of people who visit the website. Why not conduct a survey, asking the current visitors of a site what attracted them to it in the first place?
  • What?
    Now that you have a better idea of who the target audience for your design project is, you can start better understanding what it is you are trying to design and who it is for. Think outside the box and ensure that what you’re offering is of benefit to users.
  • Basics
    Once you have gathered all of the required information about your target audience, it is time to go back to the web design basics. Incorporate the same theories of design that you would in any website, ensuring that you cater them to the type of design you are currently implementing.

It is always obvious when a web design has been created without the target audience in mind. Think about all the websites that you have ever looked at – how many of them looked like they were aimed at kids but were for an adult service, such as tree pruning? As you can see, the target audience is imperative for a good website.