05 Sep 2013

GlobalWebIndex Releases The 10 Most Frequently Used Smartphone Apps

In early August, the team at GlobalWebIndex released the 10 most frequently used apps regularly utilised by the 969.49 million smartphone users around the world. Whilst some of the contenders may surprise you, it goes without saying that the top 10 are dominated by communication and social media apps. To compile the list, GlobalWebIndex has looked at the apps that people with smartphones have used in the past month.

  1. Google Maps – 54%
  2. Facebook – 44%
  3. YouTube – 35%
  4. Google+ – 30%
  5. Weixin/WeChat – 27%
  6. Twitter – 22%
  7. Skype – 22%
  8. Facebook Messenger – 22%
  9. WhatsApp – 17%
  10. Instagram – 11%

Top 10 Apps


Some people are surprised that Twitter and Instagram haven’t ranked higher, whilst others are surprised that Google+ is so widely used. For those of you unfamiliar with some of these apps, Weixin/WeChat is a Chinese chat app that enables users to partake in free texting, voice messages and video calls. WhatsApp is similar in function in that it enables users to create groups, send unlimited free text, video and audio media messages.

Zoe Fox of Mashable says, “If people are not navigating on their phones, the next most popular thing to do is to connect with people.” Some of the other apps that can be found in GlobalWebIndex’s top 20 include Ovi Maps, Shazam, Foursquare and Flickr. Are you surprised at where some of these apps have ranked? Do you regularly use any of them in your daily life? What about apps that you regularly use that have not been mentioned?

Image Source: GlobalWebIndex