04 Apr 2014

Good News Everyone – Twitter Is Now Displaying Emojis!

On Wednesday, many Twitter users may have noticed that their beloved social network has begun displaying emoji characters – those small, cartoon-like pictures – on web and desktop versions of the site. This means that the emojis typed via your mobile phone are now reflected on the web instead of those annoying hollow square boxes that were previously displayed.

This latest feature is actually one of many experiments that the team at Twitter have been working on for sometime now. The social network is aiming to simplify the platform in order to increase its reach, and the visibility of emojis on web and desktop is seen as one of the steps to achieving this.




It appears, however, that emojis are not supported in tweets that have been embedded on websites. They also appear to be of lesser quality than they are on mobile and it is unclear whether or not they are supported on Tweetdeck. These negatives do not appear to have dampened the spirits of Twitter users, however, with many taking to the social network to express their excitement.

Another point that is worth mentioning is that this update also includes existing tweets that already had emojis – check out some of the tweets you made a few weeks ago on a desktop computer and you will see that the emojis are now visible. Whilst this doesn’t really affect the way that people use Twitter, it has made the social network look a little more colourful and streamlined.

Users should note that the update is being rolled out across the world – the feature may not be available to everyone straightaway, but it is believed that it will be the norm for all users in coming days.

The announcement of this new emoji feature has also led to questions of whether Twitter will one day start to support stickers (like every other messaging app under the sun) – some people say no and others say that only time will tell.