23 Apr 2013

Google Now may soon be added to Google's homepage

Well Google has some great minds working with them. The team at Google is reportedly working on bringing its personalized homepage feature of its Android phones to the web and to its search page according to Google news website, Google System. Google System also reported that, there is evidence that Google has live code suggesting it could bring Google Now features to a landing page. It wouldn’t just be a homepage, but rather a Google search page with all of the contextual functionality that Android users have with the Google Now application and widgets.



The code also contains an introduction to Google Now: “Get started with Google Now. Just the right information at just the right time.” Google Now debuted last year as a personal assistant that also offered predictive search in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean There are many benefits of the upcoming new feature of Google Now such as , Now available on the web will add another source from which Google can gather data to improve and iterate upon the services Now offers.

Having direct access to desktop search information will make for better recommendations in theory, and provide a more complete picture of who a person is and how they typically spend their days. Google Now is also getting better at tracking online purchases and ecommerce, and since the majority of that activity still takes place in the desktop, this will help with those efforts, too.