02 Aug 2012

Google Turns Scientific With 34-Button Calculator

Though Google search always had a built-in calculator, but the recent news is that now it has got 34-button scientific calculator – much faster and advance. The difference is that, earlier when we used to enter, say, 5 + 5, simply the result was displayed in Google’s search result. But, now when we enter the same equation in the search bar, the result pops up with a new scientific calculator. The good news is that it works equally well in mobile browsers and voice search.



google adds new 34-button scientific calculator


As simple the calculator looks, its features aren’t simple at all. This is fully featured virtual calculator with full power, voice, scientific mathematical functions, and almost all operations of a tangible model. So, unlike physical scientific calculator, you don’t need double AAA batteries.

The major attraction of this calculator is that it easily works with Desktop Voice Search. Just click on the little mic icon and say your equation. You can ask in any way you want, it would answer your question, either asked as “what is five plus five” or “sum of five and five”. You can also launch the calculator by simply saying “calculator”. While typing mode gives you the ease of working in desktops, its voice mode is will really be useful for mobiles.

This is a new addition in the nerdy toolbox of Google. Graphic functions were already enabled in the search bar and with this tool Google has stepped at another level of advancement. No doubt, this is going to be a great help for school students.