22 Jun 2012

Google's User Interface To Get A Makeover

Google is again on a path to get makeover for its user interface. Usually Google’s attempts are typically intended to make user’s search option easier. But this time things don’t appear that way. This is due to the reason that the new user interface has more white spaces.



Currently, Google displays search results in the middle, search options and navigation are along the left hand side bar, and knowledge graph at the right hand side bar. In contrast, new interface has top down navigation, filters and search options. All the options are given at the top of the search result. That’s the basic difference between older and new interface. Another major difference can be noticed at the left hand panel which has been left wide open and blank. It would not difficult to say why these spaces have been left blank. Obviously, it’s for advertisement.

Many experts have even speculated the new format of the Google’s result page as organic results in the middle, advertisements at the left side bar and knowledge graph at the right side. However, there is another class of experts who think that this makeover will make screen resizing easier, means it will support tablet screen. Conversely, many think that new UI will make searching more complicated. Many others believe that Google is going to insert the gray Google+ sidebar in the left blank side bar, in order to integrate their social network along with their core search results. After so many speculations it would be really exciting to watch the final look of Google’s new UI.