24 Feb 2012

How Internal Links Are Beneficial For SEO

One of the more often overlooked SEO techniques is that of internal links, but it is important to utilize this in the optimization of your website as it can really help to boost your page ranking. But what are internal links, and how are they helpful to an SEO strategy?

Basically, internal links are hyperlinks that direct visitors to the same domain as the one that the link exists on (you tell visitors on one page of your website to go to another section). But what exactly do internal links do for SEO?


benefits of internal links for seo

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  • They can ensure that your website is completely searchable by search engine spiders
  • They can help to build the relevancy of a page for a keyword
  • They can help to increase the page rank of your internal pages

You have to, of course, set up your website properly for internal links to be useful for SEO. How would you do this?

  • Text navigation: having this on either the top of left hand side of the web page is highly useful for SEO, as this is what the search engine spiders index first.
  • Footers: also useful for SEO because the search engine spiders index these areas, it is important to keep your footers clean and minimal.
  • Inline text links: considered the most beneficial for SEO, these are links placed within the content of your website and imply to the search engine spiders that it is highly relevant.

Whilst external links are great for SEO, they are, generally, only effective in boosting the page rank of your home page and one or two of your other bigger pages. When it comes to applying an SEO strategy to the entirety of your website, you cannot go past the use of internal links.