17 Feb 2012

How To Attract Higher Quality Web Design Clients

It has probably happened to most people working in the web design industry – they’ve had a client that has been completely unwilling to pay you enough for the work you are completing and nor do they appreciate it. These are known in the design industry as ‘low quality’ clients. So, how do you attract higher quality clients to your business?

Firstly, you should know what you’re worth. Look at the services that your web design business offers and come to a conclusion about what you would like to be paid for them. If your clients believe that you and your business are truly indispensable, they will be more willing to pay top dollar for your services.

Secondly, do not be at the beck and call of your clients. Whilst it is fine to be flexible when it comes to web design (in fact, you need to be flexible in many respects) this does not mean you need to bend over backwards for clients who are not willing to pay you for it. Make it clear that, if clients want changes to their design, that you are happy to do this but that an additional cost will be involved.

Thirdly, make sure that you are offering web design services that higher quality clients will really want. What options and features interest these people? It is a good idea to invest some time and money in some market research to find out what type of services attract the clients you are after – it could be the difference between you landing a client and losing one.

Most web designers find that, by adopting the above standpoints, the clients their business begins attracting are willing to pay more and will appreciate the services and work you offer.