29 Mar 2012

How Web Developers Should Choose The Image Format

The selection of image format determines the speed of a website. This is exactly why web developers should choose image formats very carefully. Various types of file formats can be found, but not all of them are appropriate for all the projects you are handling. Each format has advantages and disadvantages, and you must know about them so as to find the right type for image.

For web developers, it is vital to keep few points in mind while choosing the image type:

  • It should be small in size.
  • It must not affect the speed of the site.
  • The quality of image must not be affected.
  • It must support all browsers.

Although, there are various types of image file formats but three of them are the most prevalent of all. They are – JPEG, GIF and PNG. JPEG is basically used for photographs, because of its support for unlimited color palettes. It allows huge compression resulting into smaller file than any other file type, an ideal option for web developers. GIF on other hand are the best fit for simple graphics, logos and animated images, because of its limited to 256 colors. However, it is not largely preferred for the reason that they are more likely to get affected by virus. PNG is another format that is mainly used for transparent images. It is a format of modern era and is basically the hybrid of JPEG and GIF which has tremendous advantages over the other formats, still at times JPEG and GIF seems to be a better option, depending on the type of project. So, it is vital for all the web developers to choose the file format that goes well with their requirements.