24 Apr 2012

Myth – Google Won't Figure Out What SEO Tactics You're Using

SEO Tactics Myth


Have you ever gone to see someone who proclaimed himself a search engine optimization (SEO) expert only to have them tell you that they’re sneakier than Google and can hide their tactics at the click of a finger? You should have gotten up and walked out of the room at this point, seeing this SEO “expert” for what he really is – a fraud.

This is an SEO myth that has been around ever since optimizing websites became the thing to do for increasing your search engine ranking. People think that they can get around the system and use some unethical SEO techniques in order to get a leg up – and that the search engines will never have any idea of what they’re up to. Unfortunately for them, Google is a very advanced search engine – each year, its algorithm is getting smarter and smarter in order to wheedle out the SEO wrongdoers.

Still think you’re smarter than Google? Look at it this way – Google is very quick, for example, to recognize patterns in link building (a black hat SEO strategy) and, if they detect anything unnatural with yours, you could find yourself the recipient of a ban. Google can also identify duplicate and thin content – many people also believe that it can almost understand what makes good SEO content and what doesn’t (obviously favouring sites that are good).

Even though dabbling in black hat SEO techniques is the best way to get yourself a one-way ticket to having a banned website, there are still plenty of “experts” out there who think that they can beat the system. Think about the SEO techniques you are using, and remember that Google can always trace them back to your website.