29 May 2012

Myth – SEO Is Dead

SEO Myths


Have you ever spoken to someone involved with the creation of websites who has adamantly told you that search engine optimization (SEO) is dead? The person who told you this is most likely basing their assumption on the fact that Google constantly makes changes to their algorithm, but this hasn’t changed the importance or validity of SEO in the slightest.

Like the belief that content should be placed higher up the page in order to rank well, the old “SEO is dead” myth is one of the oldest ones in the book and is frequently thrown out there whenever drastic changes are made in the way that Google indexes website content. This doesn’t mean that SEO is dead, it simply means that the way we optimise content needs to change and that new techniques replace old, outdated ones.

Still not convinced? Then, perhaps you or the company you have employed to undertake your SEO strategy are using some of the black hat techniques that Google regularly changes its algorithm to stamp out. Have you been hiding content by repeating your keywords over and over in white text on a white background? Have you been creating websites with no content, then linking to it a bunch of times to achieve rankings? Have you been stuffing your content full of keywords to the point where it has been over-optimized? You can no longer hide from Google behind these techniques – instead, your SEO strategy needs to become cleverer and more ethical.

Do not listen to the naysayers who will proclaim that SEO is dead until they’re blue in the face, because it is simply not true. Whilst there are techniques that have been historically beneficial for SEO, they are no longer achieving the results they once were. Instead of SEO being dead, however, it is just simply time to move on to new techniques and strategies. As long as there are search engines, there will be SEO.