29 Oct 2012

Tips For Web Development And QR Code

web development and QR code tips


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, ‘QR code’ refers to a little black and white grid pattern that sort of resembles a crossword. They operate very similar to a barcode, in that a user can scan the code with their mobile phone and be taken to a page with extra information. They are very popular on movie posters, taking you to a trailer of the advertised film.

Use the following web development tips to ensure that your QR codes are written perfectly:

  • Keep in mind that the entire code needs to be scanned in order for it to work, so take into account how far away users will need to be.
  • Testing is imperative with QR codes, as it is with all aspects of the web development process, to ensure that everything is working.
  • Not everyone will have a smart phone, so will your QR code work with an iPad or another portable device?
  • Don’t put a QR code on all of your advertising material; users will feel like you’re just trying to push them to your website.
  • Think about where the code will be displayed; in some countries, you can access the internet in train stations whereas this is impossible in others.

When it comes to web development and QR codes, it is important that you have experience in making these unique codes before you go about sticking them all over your company’s advertising material. Developing a code that can be read simply through a photograph is quite a complex task, and it is one that should not be taken on lightly.