23 Jan 2012

Website Design Melbourne – Create An Impression Online

With millions of people surfing online on daily basis to meet their different needs, there is no point thinking that a website design does not matter. Whether you are situated in India, Melbourne, Brazil or elsewhere in this world, website provides the shortest distance to travel and meet the perspective customers. Further, an online presence strengthen such possibilities, irrespective of the fact whether your business is small and run by 2-3 employees or you have a large company consisting 1000s of employees.

Here, the only requirement is to have a professional website design, instead of a cluster of flashy images and improper text. The aim should be to display the business information in a manner which combat the online competition and attract maximum number of prospective customers. The good design always takes care of certain features like:


Web Design


1.Background color : Background color should not create a problem reading the online text.
2. Links : Links should guide and land onto the proper place
3. Graphics: Graphics need to be matched with the text and should be used as less as possible.
4. Tables: Use of tables with extra large borders should be avoided.
5. Animations: Avoid blinking, incomplete and multiple animations as they create a bad impression of the site.
6. Navigations: Navigation should be consistent throughout the site. Visitors should know where they exactly are on a page.

Besides the above mentioned features, the text’s font, size, and color also determine the response of readers. A properly written headline and nicely adjusted paragraphs send a clear message about the business and services. We have defined just the basics. There are multiple other things which impact the impression of site.