21 Mar 2012

Why Relying On Social Networking Is Bad For Online Marketing

In this day and age, where Facebook and Twitter reign the online world, many online marketers are tempted to base their strategy solely around social networking and forget about all other methods. But, whilst social networking can be highly beneficial for an online marketing strategy, it should not make up the entirety of your campaign.

Many businesses will look at “Likes” or “+1s” or “Retweets” as a sign of online marketing success – but how do these figures translate into sales? You may have a few thousand fans who, you can assume, have bought from you in the past, but who is to say that they will buy in the future? They may have only needed to use your product once, and liked it because it worked, but what is the point in marketing to people who will never purchase again?


is social networking bad for online marketing


Another problem that arises when relying solely on social networking for implementing an online marketing campaign is that you are only advertising to a niche group of people. Believe it or not, but not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account. What about the young teenagers who are too young to sign up for accounts on social networking sites, or the older demographic who aren’t overly computer literate? By focusing your campaign solely on social networking, you are neglecting to advertise to a large number of people.

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with using social networking as a part of your online marketing campaign (in fact, it is highly recommended for getting potential customers to interact with your brand) it should not be your only form of online advertising. You must remember those people who are not on Facebook or Twitter, and include other marketing campaigns that cater to them as well.