15 May 2012

Why Web Designers Shouldn't Settle For Any Old Project

Behind many of the bad websites on the internet are incompetent or amateur designers who simply could not do any better. Behind the rest of the bad sites are web designers who really were capable of much more – they just simply settled and were stuck between a rock and a hard place.


why web designers shouldn't settle


It is often said that high quality work brings about high quality work, whilst low quality work brings about low quality work. By doing high quality projects as a web designer, you are more likely to receive similar projects in the future. Do low quality projects, and you are likely to receive the same requests.

If this hasn’t been enough to convince you not to settle, perhaps the following reasons will:

  • By pushing yourself, you will improve your skills
    When web designers settle for low quality clients or the easiest way to do something, they are never going to improve their skills. If you push yourself to complete your work in the best way possible, however, you will constantly improve.
  • The right sort of clients will respect you more
    Good clients will respect a designer who has standards and sticks to them no matter what – it indicates to them that they will be receiving the best quality work possible.
  • Your peers will respect you more
    Web designers tend to respect (and look up to) others in the industry who consistently produce excellent quality work. Whilst there are people who could care less what their peers think, others think that being respected is a sign of their impact on the industry.

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At the end of the day, settling for low quality clients and projects will eventually kill your career as a web designer. If this is not the most compelling reason that you shouldn’t settle, then nothing else will convince you. Stand up for yourself and your standards, and you will reap the rewards in the end.