16 Sep 2013

Why You Should Spend More On SEO

2013 has seen Google make some dramatic changes and the Penguin update that occurred on May 22nd had the biggest impact on small business websites. Whilst this led to some severe drops in traffic, some webmasters have been reporting some traffic increases during August. It is believed that this is a result of a Panda softening from Google.

This impact has led many webmasters to change the ways that they tackle SEO for their small businesses. Because they have very little funds to spare for spending on optimisation services, they are often reluctant to increase their budgets. But here are 4 reasons why this is exactly what you should do:


Reasons to Spend More on SEO


1. Google Wants You To
Even though many people will simply dismiss this as PR, Google has clearly stated that the SEO tactics that used to work in 2008 are no longer tolerated. This includes article spinning, keyword stuffing, paid links, thin content and duplicate content.

2. Recovering From Updates Is Expensive
Whilst there are plenty of websites that have recovered from the Penguin updates, it is important to remember that each case is different. All of the tactics that can be used to help recovery (such as technical, onsite and offsite issues) are expensive to undertake.

3. SEO Has Merged With Marketing
By now it should be clear that SEO is no longer a technical exercise and that it is rapidly merging with marketing and public relations. It seems that many small businesses, however, are frequently failing to harness groundbreaking SEO opportunities.

4. ROI Is High In SEO
According to recent data, SEO is still a great investment. This suggests that small businesses shouldn’t be shopping for the cheapest SEO vendor but that they should be considering their return on investment (ROI) if they were to spend more.

At the end of the day, it is important to recognise that all technologies and industries mature, and that price-points will typically change along the way. SEO is no different. If you take anything away from the above 4 points, it should be that spending more on optimisation now will benefit small business greatly in the long run, both in ROI and authority.