14 Aug 2013

Will Windows 8.1 Be Available To Users In October?

Even though Microsoft is fast closing in on their target of the end of August for releasing to manufacturing Windows 8.1 (a target that has been widely publicised), most people are more interested in when they will be able to get their hands on the final bits. And, so far, Microsoft officials have remained quiet on when exactly this will be.

There have been rumours, however, that Microsoft will hold off on making the final Windows 8.1 bits available until around mid-October. This period will include both the general availability date and the ‘launch’ date (when new hardware running those bits will become available). Microsoft has yet to confirm whether this will be the case.


Windows 8.1


A few months ago, it was revealed by sources close to Microsoft that their overall plan with Windows 8.1 was to shorten the usual gap between RTM and general availability. Even if they wait until mid-October to release the final bits, Microsoft will still have managed to deliver a new Windows release in under a year. There was three years between Windows 7 and 8.

It has also been noted that Microsoft could receive a number of benefits from holding back the RTM bits, such as: more time to stamp out the bugs, more time to deliver fixes for bugs to those with the preview build, and a launch event with more of a bigger bang (many felt that the Windows 8 launch was anti-climactic, as they already had the final bits).

Whilst holding onto the bits will make many people running the Windows 8.1 preview pretty unhappy, it is believed that if Microsoft keep patching and fixing the preview that this annoyance will be lessened.

Image Source: Mashable